Daily Planet headlines: This legislative session, it’s about jobs and equity



It’s about jobs and equity
by Lee Ann Schutz, Session Weekly
Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL-St. Paul) is reading the financial pages of the newspaper more than usual these days. Although she’s aware of the problems facing bond insurers, as chairwoman of the House Capital Investment Finance Division, her focus is getting a capital investment bill onto the House floor, maybe even by the end of next week.

Students shine green light on garbage burner
by Melissa Slachetka, TC Daily Planet
A student design group is brainstorming suggestions to beautify and demystify the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center, or HERC, which is only a long foul ball from the new Minnesota Twins stadium. County officials say the garbage-burning power plant emissions won’t pose a health risk to fans at the ballpark.

There is help for refugees struggling with stress
by Sara Chute, Mshale
Mary works as a nursing assistant at the local nursing home. She arrived at work one day feeling somewhat tired, but unable to work. Halfway through the day, she developed a headache and then received a phone call from the middle school. Her son had been in a fight and was being suspended for several days. Mary felt sad, overwhelmed, angry and guilty as she left work that day.


Readers, Writers and Books

Book note: Catherine Watson is ‘Home on the Road’
by Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva, TC Daily Planet
Apparently we have the Shakers to thank for the clothespin. Also, sheep have the annoying habit of chewing away at Scotland’s highlands. These are a couple of the tidbits you’ll pick up in Minnesota Book Award nominee Home on the Road, Catherine Watson’s second collection of travel essays.

Book note: How ‘Perfect’-ly ironic
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend, illustrated by John Manders, is a 500-word picture book. Friend lives on a farm in southeastern Minnesota, and The Perfect Nest has been nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. A child may not appreciate of the story, though the vivid illustrations will undoubtedly capture the child’s interest.

Book note: Defect
by Cyrus Wolff, TC Daily Planet
It is heartening to find a young adult novel of merit, such as Defect by Will Weaver. It stands out among teen books as a narrative of interest and genuineness, and is undoubtedly one of the best teen novels of 2007.


The true promise of citizen journalism
by Doug McGill, The McGill Report
At newspapers, especially, dramatically declining advertising and circulation revenues have caused the combined market value of U.S. newspapers to drop 42 percent since 2005. To prop up profit margins, newspaper owners across the country have laid off thousands of veteran reporters and editors. It’s a time to renegotiate the journalist-citizen relationship.

Using the Cottonwood tragedy to bash Latinos
by Francisco J. Gonzales
I was listening to KTLK 100.3 FM (Minnesota’s hate radio station: you need to know what those idiots out there are saying!) and predictably Jason Lewis and other right-wing talk show hosts were already making claims that, because the driver that was arrested for causing the school bus accident is Hispanic, she must be an illegal alien, and thus stronger anti-immigrant laws must be passed.


The craziest caucus Wyoming’s ever seen (in a good sort of way)
by Holly Grams, Politics from the Precincts
In the past, caucuses for Wyoming MN were pretty mundane. We had about 14 people show up, we discussed the resolutions, then we (almost) all signed up to be delegates, closed up shop, and waited for the real thing. (That is, for the countywide meeting, where the really important stuff happened.)