Daily Planet headlines: Empowerment Zones falling short



Falling short—business development, housing, and job creation in Empowerment Zones
by Dan Gordon, TC Daily Planet
With no clear benchmarks by which to judge its success, it’s hard to find evidence that the EZ made a dent in poverty in Minneapolis, or has even gotten a few licks in. Job creation is a tangible goal. Project proposals aiming for job creation specify the number of jobs to be created for EZ residents, and reports say how many jobs have been created. Despite its importance, job creation has been an elusive goal.

Getting the LRT through the U of M
by Bill Hoffmann and Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
In lieu of a tunnel, university and surrounding neighborhoods suggest alternatives for Central Corridor crossing

Single-payer health plan could create savings, more choices for Minnesotans
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Several members of the Minnesota Legislature have embarked on a mission to build political support for the Minnesota Health Plan, a proposal that would create a central entity to manage the health insurance of every Minnesotan. The proponents of the plan say it would reduce health insurance premiums, provide universal coverage, reduce health care costs in the state by 20 percent, provide greater freedom of choice, end employer-tied insurance and increase preventative health.


Views and Reviews

‘Hip-Hop for the Homeless’ benefit show to rock the Triple Rock
by Andrea Myers, TC Daily Planet
The Twin Cities are a hotbed for literate, politically-conscious hip-hop, and this Saturday many of the area’s best MCs will face off at “Hip-Hop for the Homeless.” The event serves dual purposes: showcasing a diverse cast of local hip-hop talent and raising money for Youthlink, a local nonprofit organization that works to prevent teen homelessness.

Interview: Versatile songstress Aimee K. Bryant
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
You want to talk range? Talk Aimee K. Bryant.

Local Latino music legend José Carrera fights for his life
by Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet
With soft-spoken intensity, local Latino musician José Carrera has touched the lives of many Minnesotans through the rhythms of his music and as a multicultural consultant and activist. Today, he is fighting one of the biggest challenges of his life.

Poet IBé Kaba: Celebrating traditions by challenging traditions
by Helen Kinuthia, TC Daily Planet
According to his family hierarchy in Guinea, IBé should not be performing spoken word poetry. By Guinean tradition, he ought to be listening to the poetry rather than being the poet, but his passion for the art drives him to perform time and time again.


People of faith are called to the movement for worker justice
by Matt Gladue, St. Paul Union Advocate
To me, there is no more morally urgent movement than the movement for worker justice.