Daily Planet Headline: Vacant houses and foreclosures skyrocket in St. Pau


TUESDAY, February 12


Vacant houses and foreclosures skyrocket in St. Paul
by Rich Broderick, TC Daily Planet
“Fully 40 percent of the people I talk to are working,” says Steve Rice. “That’s the main thing.” Rice is a housing counselor with the City of St. Paul. The people he talks to are some of the several thousand city residents facing the loss of their homes.

Sticker shock: why property taxes are going through the roof in Minnesota
by Jeff Van Wyche, Minnesota 2020
The average property tax on a Minnesota homestead is expected to increase by 71 percent from 2002 to 2008. Even after adjusting for inflation in the cost of government services, the increase is nearly 30 percent. Statewide, real homestead property taxes have grown over four times more rapidly than that of other classes of property.

Twin Cities security officers vote overwhelmingly to authorize strike
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Security officers who protect the majority of commercial office buildings and other major properties in Minneapolis and Saint Paul voted Saturday to authorize their bargaining committee to call a strike if necessary.


Regents discuss tuition, facilities
by Ahnalese Rushmann, Minnesota Daily
The future of tuition and facilities around campus were discussed late last week at the first meeting of 2008.

On the fast track
by staff, Session Daily
Legislative leaders promised a quick start to the 2008 session, with capital investment, transportation and a dedicated funding bill to be acted upon quickly.

Powderhorn crime watch
by Dennis Giesinger, Southside Pride
Violent crime drops 13 percent


For the public good
by Mel Duncan, Minnesota 2020
The faults lines illuminate as the legislative session looms. Not that these fissures ever go away. They just become accentuated as legislators prepare their return to the capitol. Recently these factions have led to dysfunction and our common good is the victim. Even conservatives like Mitt Romney gain resonance when they say politics is broken.


Sleepless in Iraq
by Virginia Wright Peterson, World Views
I haven’t slept soundly since I arrived at COB Speicher. No one I have talked to has either.