Daily Planet Headline: Looking for light-rail justice


FRIDAY, February 1


Looking for light-rail justice
by Deb Pleasants, TC Daily Planet
Debbie Gibson bundles up her three small children to protect their little faces from the frigid cold as they wait to catch the #21 bus in Saint Paul. They then take the long bus ride to connect with the Hiawatha light-rail station to attend a job-training program in Minneapolis. It is a time-consuming process most people would avoid if given the opportunity. Gibson, however, doesn’t have that luxury. As a single mother of four children, three under school age, Gibson is “transit dependent.”

State budget deficit worse than it appears
by Jeff Van Wychen, Minnesota 2020
Based on the November 2007 forecast, a state general fund budget deficit of $373 million is projected for the current FY 2008-2009 biennium. While this deficit represents only slightly more than one percent of the entire state general fund, the state’s fiscal situation gets considerably worse upon closer scrutiny.

Crossing Minnesota’s border gets complicated
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Monitor
Starting Thursday, U.S. and Canadian citizens crossing the international border will be required to present either a passport or a government-issued photo ID, plus proof of citizenship. The new requirements are only an interim step to eventual compliance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). Travelers under 18 are required only to have proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate. Previously an oral declaration was all that was required.


A legacy of pride: A future of promises
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
Every Friday for the past several weeks, a group of young women ages 14-18 gather for fun and mentoring under the tutelage of Celie Marie Dean, Miss Black USA 2006. The young women are participants in a program series, “The Beauty of You,” that began in November 2007. The 12-week program included many projects that focused on self-esteem, public speaking, physical fitness, and healthy life style changes.

Food and Restaurants

Dinner and a show? – Valentines dining
by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake
Do you have any favorites places that offer live entertainment — preferably cheap or free — along with food? I am starting to compile a list, and so far I have:

In search of a smaller kitchen
by Kristal Leebrick, Park Bugle
After more than two years of working as sous chef in the fast-paced kitchen of Figlio in uptown Minneapolis, Jason Schellin says he’s looking forward to cooking in the smaller, “made to order” environment at Muffuletta, 2260 Como Ave.


Discovering Oz, rediscovering me
by Ka Vang, Minnesota Women’s Press
I have felt like Humpty Dumpty since my divorce, a round egg broken into a million little pieces. All the King’s Horses could not put me back together. I knew I was the only one who could pick up the pieces, but after being in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage, I suffered from self-doubt, even self-hate.


Prince Among Slaves presents a lost history of Muslims, Africans, slave-era America
by Marcia Lynx Qualey, Engage Minnesota
Officially, the first mosque in the U.S. was erected in 1929. This building was constructed by Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in Ross, North Dakota, and has since been demolished. But those Midwestern immigrants were hardly the first observant Muslims in the Americas. Others had worshiped on U.S. soil hundreds of years before.