Daily Planet Headline: At issue: driving a new transportation plan


TUESDAY, February 12


At issue: driving a new plan
by Mike Cook, Session Weekly
It hasn’t taken long to get the wheels turning on a new transportation funding package.

River’s Edge Academy: big dreams on the big river and some fast paddling ahead
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
The Rivers Edge Academy plans to open this fall near the Mississippi River on St. Paul’s West Side, with a river-themed curriculum that focuses on environmental topics and service-based learning.

KSTP poll: Senate matchups and Pawlenty-as-VP
by Joe Bodell, Minnesota Monitor
With all the action lately in the presidential race, you might have forgotten that there’s a relatively big Senate race going on around here these days, too. A recent poll for KSTP shows a statistical dead heat between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and DFL challenger Al Franken, with Coleman leading by just a point, 47-46. The poll found Coleman leading Mike Ciresi in a hypothetical matchup 51-40, and leading Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer 58-30. The poll also asked about a matchup of Coleman against frequent candidate Darryl Stanton, in which Coleman would win 58-29 — so for this poll, it looks like 29 to 30 percent is the portion of the electorate that would vote for a tasty burrito over Norm Coleman as long as the burrito had a “D” after its name. SurveyUSA, the firm conducting the poll, has previously polled the race several times and found the Coleman-Franken matchup within the statistical margin of error three times in a row dating to last October.


Put tax rebate check to work – in Minnesota
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
Whether the check is in the $300, $600 or $1,200 range, we know where it can do the most good.

Central Avenue plan update comments due early April
by Margo Ashmore, The Northeaster
Pronouncing Central Avenue’s future “incredibly bright” with lots of redevelopment opportunities, Andrew Dresdner of the Cuningham Group presented the Central Avenue Small Area Plan Feb. 7.

Young, gifted and Black
by Paul Edward Hamilton, Insight News
It’s recess at Meadowbrook Elementary School and a multitude of fifth graders crowd the tire swing, jungle gym and basketball hoop – laughing, playing and doing what typical 10-year-olds do. However, one of the fifth graders is not so typical. Justin Brown, son of Jeff Brown and Cassandra Ward Brown has displayed some rather remarkable talents and gifts in the areas of mathematics, engineering, writing, and art.

Rachel Davis’ 63-Day Post-Breakup Cleaning Extravaganza
by Rachel Davis, Minnesota Women’s Press
For the 63rd day in a row, I found myself sitting alone in my now sickeningly clean home. Gleaming hardwood floors? Check. Sparkling, reflection-bearing windows and mirrors? Done. Fresh carpets, complete with uniformly parallel vacuum tracks? Is there any other way?


Great-grandma’s fur coat
by Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes
As coats made from the pelts of animals go, it probably wasn’t that expensive; it wasn’t mink , beaver, sable or even fox. Rather it came from the sacrifice of brown rabbits, their pelts subsequently dyed black. I inherited it from an aunt three years ago, and until this winter, had only worn it for Christmas Eve service. Even wearing it once a year had elicited protests from my daughter.