Daily Planet Headline: The drink knot



“The drink knot”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8637
by Tanya Bui, ThreeSixty
It was like a flag exploding, an electric mesh of red, white and blue lights reflecting in the rearview mirror. My friend pulled his car over. Seatbelts clicked and sweatshirts were tossed to hide the evidence – the two cases of beer beside me in the back seat. I imagined I heard the policeman’s footsteps as he approached the car, ballpoint pin clicking to write a ticket and perhaps take us to jail.

“Stop the demand”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8717
by Anne Hamre, Minnesota Women’s Press
Vednita Carter knew the women, and what their typical day entailed. She knew the numbers. And she knew things didn’t add up.

“Cash flow is slow for moms, tots”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8706
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
Studies show that the earlier children are exposed to reading and math, the better students they will become. And when parents are involved in their children’s education, students attain higher reading scores, start school ready for kindergarten and have a better quality of life as adults.


“One smart woman”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8719
by Kathy Magnuson, Minnesota Women’s Press
The concept of fundamental change in business practices goes beyond what Hellwich calls ‘pink ribbonizing’-slapping a pink ribbon for breast cancer on a product and then going about business as usual.

“Significant news but little progress mark year in reproductive health”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8738
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Editor’s note: As we count down the final days of 2007, we look back at some of the most interesting or important stories Minnesota Monitor covered in the past year. Here’s the second in this ongoing series.


“Top local stories of the year wrap: The Mole’s list and more”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8733
by Steve Perry, The Daily Mole
The Bridge is the biggest story of the year–but other picks may surprise you. The Daily Mole makes its top picks, followed by the picks of other local journalists and media critics.


“Top Neo-Nazi group leaves Minneapolis”:https://www.tcdailyplanet.net/node/8743
by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth
While some of its local sympathizers are likely to stick around, the country’s largest remaining neo-Nazi group has officially pulled up stakes in Minnesota: the Hitler-inspired National Socialist Movement (NSM) has left its longtime Minneapolis headquarters and relocated to Michigan, according to a press release dated Dec. 29.