Daily Planet Headline: CHAT celebrates 10 years


FRIDAY, February 22


CHAT celebrates 10 years
by Song Vang, TC Daily Planet
The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT), the first Hmong arts organization in the nation, has been bringing the benefits of the arts to the Hmong community for the last decade.

A plan to fight the achievement gap
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
The racial achievement gap has bedeviled educators, lawmakers and community activists for decades. Many plans to close the gap have been tried, yet it still exists. In 2007, African-American students scored far below whites in national and state tests.

U buys shopping center for outreach
by Anna Ewart, Andy Steinke, Minnesota Daily
The University bought the Penn Plymouth center in north Minneapolis.

Congressional committee probes killing of Great Lakes cancer report
by Eartha Jane Melzer, Minnesota Monitor
The U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology is investigating allegations that the nation’s top public-health agency has blocked publication of a study that links industrial contaminants to cancer and increased infant mortality in the Great Lakes states.


K-CI & JOJO at Trocaderos
Helen, Mshale
Quiet Friday evening, I’m relaxing in my apartment and thinking of settling down to a movie, then calling it a night. But, just as the thought is formulating, my phone rings and by the end of a conversation filled with a lot of squealing and laughter, my plans have changed to attending a K-CI & JOJO concert. The event is taking place in downtown Minneapolis at Trocaderos Nightclub and restaurant which just recently opened. We get there shortly after nine o’clock and walk into the classy high-end nightclub.

Food and Restaurants

You’re invited: dinner and jazz at T’s Place
by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
We stopped in the other night at T’s Place, the Ethiopian-Malaysian fusion restaurant a couple of doors down from the Town Talk Diner, to check out Yohannes Tona and his band. I’d read a piece in the Twin Cities Daily Planet by Dwight Hobbes that described Ethiopian-born Tona as “the baddest bass guitar player in the Twin Cities.”

Too many cooks? Not on Lake Street
by Chris Steller, The Bridge
Longfellow restaurants share a food and wine experience


Tracing the roots of Kenya’s electoral malfeasance and clashes
By Korir Sing’Oei Abraham, African News Journal
This week, a neighbour and family friend of many years was butchered in the serene Cherangani escarpment in Pokot to the North West of the country about 500 kilometres from Nairobi. At 8 am in the morning, Peter Muchina, a 65 old man from the Kikuyu community, who has lived in the district for over 40 years, was hacked to death by a gang of young men from the Kalenjin tribe, the main ethnic group within the North Rift Valley. Muchina’s death is one of more than 900 persons whose lives have been suddenly ended by tribal mayhem or through the barrel of a policeman’s gun since the ill-fated December 2007 elections.


Parenting and poverty
by Carla Bates, All Learning, All the Time
Research suggests that two-thirds of the “achievement gap” could be attributed to factors other than the schools: parenting and poverty. And both issues will be hard to discuss for different people for different reasons –