Daily Planet Headline: Caucusing made easy


TUESDAY, February 5


Caucusing made easy
by Liz Riggs, Minnesota Daily
Some are calling it the closest thing we have to a national primary. Others have nicknamed it “Super Duper Tuesday.” With precinct caucuses just a day away, the Daily talked with several local experts about what students can expect Feb. 5 when 24 states, including Minnesota, host caucuses or primaries.

Section 8 Program faces imminent housing crisis
by Lindsey Twin, TC Daily Planet
A sign of things to come: an owner of three apartment complexes in Greater Minnesota, notified his low-income and mostly elderly tenants that he will be exiting the U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 8 rent-subsidy program in one year. His decision stems from HUD’s failure to pay tenant subsidies for several months last summer. The experience of this building owner marks the beginning of an emerging crisis in the Section 8 program. It could lead to massive displacement of low-income families and the loss of hundreds of thousands of units of affordable housing if nothing is done.

Obama summons ghost of Wellstone in Target Center rally
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Barack Obama, D-Ill., energized a crowd of approximately 20,000 cheering supporters at a Saturday afternoon rally in Minneapolis.

Third CD candidates debate economy at labor-sponsored forum
by Steve Share, Workday Minnesota
With the economy taking center stage in the U.S. presidential campaigns, candidates for the DFL endorsement for Third District Congress met to debate economic issues at a forum hosted by the Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council.


Program aims to help our kids
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
Social programs put together by neighborhood associations in South Minneapolis to remedy juvenile crime are being overtaken by the City because their funding has been drastically cut or no longer exists.

She’s making history
by Erin Wisness, Minnesota Women’s Press
Mai Na Lee is a woman who can lay claim to a lot of firsts: She is the first female Hmong professor at the University of Minnesota, and the first Hmong person in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in history.

Michael Browne and Mario Hernandez to fill two key positions in the MN Department of Human Rights
by staff, La Prensa de Minnesota
Browne served recently as Interim Director of the Minneapolis Department of Human Rights and brings powerful experience to the Department; Hernandez just retired as Executive Director of La Escuelita. Their appointment brings hope to minorities and communities of color.


Pawlenty’s immigration plan contradicts King’s values
by Dr. Luke Trip and Dr. Margaret A. Villanueva, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
“There is much work to be done to erase racism and provide opportunity for all. I hope Minnesotans will take time to consider Dr. King’s words and actions.”
— Governor Tim Pawlenty (January 10, 2008, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Special MLK Edition


Islam or Culture – Which is to Blame?
by Tamim Saidi, Engage Minnesota
As an American Muslim, when I see the issues and events about Islam that get treated as “news” in the mainstream media, it bothers me that so many are portrayed as “problems with Islam,” the religion, when they are in reality problems of culture, traditions, politics, superstitions, and tribal or ethnic codes of conduct of some Muslim-majority region. I think most Americans would agree with me that it would be unfair to judge a religion (whether Islam, Christianity, or any other religion) by the practices it does not condone.