Daily Planet Headline: Art meets activism at Teen Summit


SUNDAY, February 17


Art meets activism at Teen Summit
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
The Youth Rising! Teen Summit packed a hall at the University of Minnesota’s Regis Center for Art February 9 with about 120 mostly-young people. The Summit aimed to blend art and activism. The Walker Art Center brought in Oakland-based spoken word artist Chinaka Hodge. She fired up the crowd with one of her poems and then posed the challenge: If they could leave the world a legacy of just one piece of art, what would it be?

First Reading: On the fast track
by Staff, Session Weekly
Many committee and commission hearings. Road trips. A special session for flood relief. Yes, it was a busy interim for legislators.

Beyond reflection: Minneapolis artist combines art and ecology
by Neil Cunningham, Minnesota Department of Agriculture – Biological Control Program
With the creation of “The Buckthorn Menace,” artist Jim Proctor stumbled onto something unexpected—giant public sculptures of dandelions made from buckthorn that not only helped clear the woody plant from infested areas, but also served to raise public awareness about buckthorn’s seedy invasiveness.


Center reaches out to at-risk minors
by Hilary Brueck, Minnesota Daily
The Juvenile Supervision Center is part of an initiative to help stop juvenile crime before it starts.

Readers, Writers and Books

Book review: Chasing Tail Lights
by Cyrus Wolff, TC Daily Planet
Chasing Tail Lights is a prime example of an alarming trend in Young Adult fiction. This is the stereotype that teens are moody, depressed and lonely, and identify only with characters who share these traits. Like all stereotypes, it has only a loose basis in truth. But it is an impression which seems to dominate the world of teen literature. It seems that ninety-nine out of every hundred books for teens written recently features a seriously depressed protagonist, with alienated and/or dead parents, few or no friends, and a tendency to feel sorry for him or herself.

Translating Treuer
by Stephanie Dickrell, Minnesota Daily
David Treuer can tell a love story. In fact, he can tell two at the same time.


Painted: a spiritual experience
by Andrea Fricke, Minnesota Women’s Press
I am a big woman and have always felt a little out of place in today’s society and maybe even a little ashamed of being who I am. Recently, I had the chance to pose for a nude painting by a well-known artist.


A Valentine for teachers
by Kate Towle, All Learning, All the Time