Daily Planet Headline: African immigrants face cultural barriers, domestic violence


SATURDAY, February 2


African immigrants face cultural barriers, domestic violence
by Issa A. Mansaray, TC Daily Planet
When Mattu Saidu, 25, started talking with her boyfriend on the phone in 2005, it was all about love, and dreams of living together as domestic partners or getting married. Like many young women with a fixed job in Minnesota, what was missing in Mattu’s life was “love.” After few months of talking on the phone with David, 26, she moved to New Jersey to stay with him.

Green entrepreneurs drawing attention from startup investors
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
A few days before Christmas, Ann DeLaVergne received the best present she could imagine. The Stillwater entrepreneur learned that an investor group called TC Angels had decided to make its largest-ever single investment, and that it was going to fund her fledgling startup company, ecoEnvelopes.

Neighbors to track vacant homes
by Margo Ashmore, The Northeaster
What four river-bordering neighborhood organizations plan to do, all Northeast neighborhood groups might consider: Keep track of and know as much as possible, about the vacant and foreclosed properties on each block, a first step in doing something to get them in the hands of new owners.


RNC security looks at tunnels under St. Paul
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
St. Paul police are in the process of planning security for a vast underground network of caves and man-made tunnels underneath downtown St. Paul, tunnels they say could pose a security risk for the Republican National Convention in September, according to KSTP.

HealthPartners workers authorize strike
Staff, Workday Minnesota
HealthPartners workers represented by SEIU Healthcare Minnesota have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, the union said.

Minnesota Legislature to reconvene Feb. 12
by Staff, Session Daily
The Minnesota Legislature is scheduled to return for the second year of the 85th session at noon, Feb. 12. According to the State Constitution, the Legislature is allowed 120 days over the biennium in which to get its work completed. Last year, it took 75 legislative days, leaving 45 days for this year’s work. Legislators must complete their work by the first Monday after the third Saturday in May, or May 19.


Recession or not, fixing an underperforming economy requires investment
by Dane Smith, Growth and Justice
We can declare a recession officially and pin the blame on the elephant or the donkey, on Gov. Pawlenty or anybody else. Or we can wait and pray for a narrow escape. But either way, a big honking ugly reality is staring Minnesota in the face.


Community, Banannanuity
by Justine Biggott, Cabbages and Kings
To most, anything on the Internet isn’t a community- only a gathering of nerds.