Daily Headline: Minnesota roads literally falling apart


Wednesday, February 20


Minnesota roads literally falling apart
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
Potholes and buckled pavement are making their usual late-winter appearance on Minnesota’s streets and roads, jarring drivers’ tail bones and vehicle suspensions, but a new state Department of Transportation report signals even rougher riding ahead.

After 33 years, Women’s Advocates Inc. is still a good neighbor
by Deb Pleasants, TC Daily Planet
As the first battered women’s shelter in the nation, Women’s Advocates has always strived to empower women. “Our mission is eliminating violence in the lives of women and children,” says executive director Raeone Loscalzo.

State is 20 years behind in funding transportation
by Staff, Workday Minnesota
Even before the I-35W bridge collapse, leaders across party lines in recent years have been in agreement that Minnesota is 20 years behind in transportation investment.

Pawlenty, legislative leaders “extremely concerned” about Northwest-Delta merger
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
An unusually unified group of Minnesota state leaders expressed concern Monday about a proposed merger between Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines.


Audubon neighborhood approves development guide
by Gail Olson, The Northeaster
In a neighborhood survey last year, many Audubon Park neighborhood residents said they worry about the deteriorating and/or abandoned homes in the area. What would they like to see improved? They want better public transportation, more bicycle facilities, more places to shop and more welcoming public spaces. And, of course, they want the Hollywood Theater on Johnson Street back in action again; some said they’d even support an interim use until the building can be restored.

St. Paul to purchase Tasers just in time for RNC
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
The St. Paul Police Department is requesting 230 Tasers to outfit the all of the department’s officers with the electroshock weapon, Fox 9 News reports. The SPPD will purchase the Tasers with $210,000 collected from drug raids. The St. Paul City Council will have to approve the purchase

First week a busy one for Legislature
by Liz Riggs, Minnesota Daily
Despite there being only 45 days in the 2008 legislative session, longtime local representative Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, said the second part of the biennium tends to be the easiest.


Picasso would like Persepolis
by Mehr “Jay” Shahidi, TC Daily Planet
Minutes after I walked out of the theater after watching the new movie “Persepolis”, I remembered “Guernica,” Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece depicting chaos and horror of warfare. Not that Persepolis is about the same subject, but because both are superb forms of artistic expression demonstrating, explaining and dissecting the most inner chambers of human psyche in times of fear and disaster.


Yes and no to American freedom
by Joe Nathan, 2/17/08 • Many Minnesota parents might share some of the provocative views some Somali American and Oromo (Ethiopia) parents presented last week. In a wide ranging meeting, about 30 men and women said they strongly support some, and strongly oppose other freedoms that their children are encountering in America. Their reactions have helped guide the schools their children attend.