Daily Headline: Audit finds fault with school bus contract management


SUNDAY, February 3


Audit finds fault with school bus contract management
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
The Office of the Legislative Auditor reported Tuesday that some school districts fail to provide oversight of private transportation contractors.

Met Council must trim millions from LRT plans
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
Between now and Feb. 27, the date for a decision on plans for the proposed light rail project to link Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Metropolitan Council has to trim at least $150 million from its current $990 million design package.

“Clean” coal gets support from candidates amid new concern from residents
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Monitor
Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken have both recently touted their support for “clean” coal while campaigning in Minnesota’s Iron Range, where Excelsior Energy has a $2 billion plan to construct up to three coal-fired power plants. Federal licensing for the Mesaba Energy Project is still under review.


U takes stance on light-rail project
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
Vice President for University Services Kathleen O’Brien details University concerns.

Workers vote to keep union at Dakota Premium
Staff, Workday Minnesota
Workers at Dakota Premium, the last packinghouse in South St. Paul, staved off a decertification attempt and voted to retain representation by United Food & Commercial Workers Local 789, the union reported.

Readers, Writers and Books

Minnesota Book Awards are coming

by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
We at the TC Daily Planet invite you to read and reflect on the books nominated for the Minnesota Book Awards. We would like to publish reviews, reflections or responses to the nominated books (below). Just send your response to editor@tcdailyplanet.net.


The debate that wasn’t
by Lydia Howell, TC Daily Planet
Courteous debate with hints of humor and (mostly) harmonious agreement marked the Obama-Clinton debate. Both candidates proved they’re equally smart on health care reforms, but, under either Democrat, Big Pharma and insurance companies may be slightly restrained but, will remain quite profitably in-charge. It almost seemed that the candidates were running down the clock on health care. Barely mentioning education, college costs were noted. No one spoke of growing inequities in k-12 schools, racial RE-segregation, or even No Child Left Behind.


NCLB hurts students with disabilities
by Jamie Grabowska, All Learning, All the time
This past week, many discussions have begun to crop up at my workplace concerning NCLB. This stands for The No Child Left Behind Act. Many people know that the law exists and the basic requirements it makes for our schools. However, most don’t know that NCLB has a hugely negative effect on students, specifically, students with disabilities.