NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Cub Scouts First Camping Adventure


On August 5th, four 3rd-grade boys began a weekend memory that will keep forever.  They attended Cub Scout Camp for the very first time.

The boys, all Cub Scouts in Pack 38, and their parents had varying degrees of camping experience.  One boy and his father camped often with their family, and brought along their own tent and other supplies.  Another boy and his mother had never camped, and used the supplied tents and cots.  The camp made many other accommodations for beginning campers, such as dining hall facilities, easy parking near the campsite, and trained campsite leaders to answer any questions, no matter how basic.

Camp Akela (“Akela” is a Cub Scout term meaning “Good Leader”) in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, offered the Cub Scouts a variety of scoutcraft programs led by experienced Boy Scouts and Venturers (a co-ed BSA program for youth 14-21).  The boys searched for bugs and other waterborne creatures in a shallow pond, constructed toolboxes with hammers and saws, and practiced pocketknife safety by carving bars of soap.  “It’s a polar bear!” exclaimed Thomas Fehler, age 8.

The camp also scheduled standard outdoor activities, such as rotations at the archery and BB gun range (with certified instructors) and multiple turns in the swimming pool. A campfire program with sing-along songs and skits performed by the counselors made the evenings fun and memorable.  Ample free time offered the campers a chance to repeat any of the activities, take another turn at the pool or ranges, or enjoy some of Camp Akela’s other features such as checking out a rowboat or canoe, taking a turn on the climbing wall, going on a hike in the woods, or just lounging around the campsite.

Living with nature was a new experience for some of the scouts.  “What’s that noise?” asked Liam Linares, age 8, on the first Friday, when crickets dominated the night.  Mosquito repellant and sunscreen were heavily applied.  A thunderstorm kept the boys up late on Saturday.  “I was worried.  More worried than I’ve ever been in my life,” admitted Johnny Kroger, age 8.  But after a game of cards by flashlight, the storm passed without incident and the boys went to their tents exhausted and relieved.  By Sunday afternoon, the group was on their way home, and counting down the days until their next camping adventure.

Cub Scout Pack 38 and Boy Scout Troop 38 will be holding a New Family Night on Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00 pm at St. Helena Catholic School, 3200 East 44th Street, Minneapolis.  Cub Scouts is for boys in Kindergarten through 5th grade, and Boy Scouts is for boys 11 years old through High School.  For more information, contact Dan Fehler (612-724-6284, e-mail or check out our web page at  Podemos contestar preguntas en español a petición.  Join Scouting Today!

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