Crema Cafe offers more than great ice cream


It’s been far too long since our last amateur restaurant review. On a hot summer day after the Art Car Parade, we were in the mood for some quality ice cream. We ended up savoring some of the best homemade ice cream available anywhere: Sonny’s ice cream at the Crema Café.

But wait! We also had some delicious, creamy portabella mushroom soup ($3.50/cup with toast) and Lori sipped a Cafe Crema, which is a mocha dollopped with ice cream. They also have yummy panini sandwiches. Lori recently returned for lunch and raved about their dill havarti grilled cheese, not to mention the green tea ice cream.

All in all, the food and cozy Euro-style environs make Crema Cafe one of our very favorite new places for lunch, coffee or dessert. We give it 10 thumbs-up.

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