CORRECTIONS | Washington Avenue Bridge, MFT address


Washington Avenue Bridge After meeting with several Central Corridor officials — Gary Erickson, assistant project director for design and engineering, Rich Rovang, deputy project director, and Charles Hymes, Jr., vice president of DMJM Harris, the prime consultant for the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit project — late last week, it came to my attention that there was, in fact, a more recent underwater bridge inspection commissioned by MnDOT than the 2002 report I cited in this article.

Both the 2007 and the 2002 reports were prepared for the Minnesota Department of Transportation by Collins Engineers, Inc.

The 2007 report says: “It is recommended that existing plans be reviewed to determine the foundation type and depth at both piers in regard to the footing exposure. Normally, the foundations of bridges in the Mississippi River are deep and/ or founded on piling, which would suggest no reason for concern at this time, if that is confirmed to be the case. If not, countermeasures could be warranted, such as placing riprap around the exposed footing at both piers to prevent further exposure.” The ’02 and ’07 reports have similar findings, and this paragraph is verbatim from both reports.

My original statement that no study had been done since 2002 was also based on information from Rovang. In an e-mail interview, I asked specifically whether there had been any studies of the pier footings since the 2002 inspection. Rovang responded: “There have been no additional studies on the footings. MnDOT is the definitive investigator on that type of inspection, and we are proceeding on their findings. Material testing on the concrete and the footings is presently underway.” – Liz Riggs

Back to School This article originally listed the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers address as 67 — 8th Street Northeast. The correct address is 67 – 8th Avenue Northeast.