Corcoran residents champion improvements at light rail station


Watch for improvements at the Lake Street/Midtown light rail station in the Corcoran neighborhood starting in July. A volunteer mural project in coordination with Metro Transit and Xcel Energy is planned for Saturday, July 12th to transform the gray and green mechanical boxes on the south side of the station. The mural, designed by Corcoran artist and teacher Melanie Casiday, employs a theme representing the Corcoran neighborhood and its Midtown Farmers’ Market. Paint is provided by Valspar.

Two additional projects will improve the south side of the station. Additional lighting and new permanent walkways are slated to be installed by Metro Transit. New landscaping will also be installed to address water and soil run-off and improve the appearance of the area. Former Corcoran resident and professional gardener Russ Henry (owner of Giving Tree Gardens) is providing volunteer expertise to foster a sustainable approach to plant selection and installation. These improvements are expected complete by Fall 2008.