Corcoran Park rock band camps


By now, most of you know that during the past few years I have been using a school-of-rock model to teach music at Corcoran Park. I always welcome interested kids and young adults. At present, we could really use a bass player or two. In any case, after playing at intermediate levels for some time, the next phase is the Corcoran Park Rock Band (CPRB), where we will work on ensemble playing and students will get to rock out.

I am happy to announce that for the first time, we will have Rock Band Camps this summer at Corcoran Park. The point of interest is that both camps will end with the opportunity to record at the Powderhorn Park studio. The first class, which is for intermediate players, will take place on June 25th through the 27th, from 10am-1pm. At least three years of experience is required for this class, and if selected you are expected to learn and play fairly quickly. An audition may be needed, but to avoid this you can try out now and potentially join a current intermediate class. I should note that the students that currently make up CPRB will be participating in the Rock Band Camp and have been preparing for it.

The beginner class will be held on August 13th through the 15th, from 10am-1pm. No experience is needed for this class, but kids should be at least eight years old. In this class we will spend more time at the park getting some fundamentals down, but a day in studio is still part of the deal.

Although there are some details that are still being worked out (including the price), I can tell you that it will be affordable considering the quality of the studio gear that we use and will offer students the fun experience of recording in a nice studio. Call or stop by Corcoran Park for more information; registration will begin soon!