Corcoran Park free lunches for youth starts Monday, June 10th


Corcoran will once again be offering its youth summer meals program. Children ages 0-18 years are welcome to come and receive a daily snack from 3:00-3:45pm and a dinner from 5:00-5:45pm. This program starts Monday June 10th and will run Monday to Friday through August 16th. This program is free to all children. We will meet at the picnic tables by the playground and pool if weather allows. In bad weather we will meet in the building at the front counter. These meals are provided by the Minneapolis Public Schools Nutrition Center and as such there are specific rules that will be followed. All children must eat the food provided at the designated meal space and food is not allowed to be taken home. Food cannot be given to anyone 19 year of age or older. The meals will be nutritious and no pork products are ever served as part of our offerings. If you have any questions about this summer program, please contact any staff member at Corcoran Park at 612-370-4919.