Corcoran meets on Midtown LRT development in Minneapolis


Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the biggest meeting of the year (Nov. 23, 6:00 p.m. at the YWCA):

Q: So a property is being sold for redevelopment. Big deal!
A: Very big deal. The property is the size of 3 downtown city blocks, sits between the YWCA and the Lake Street light rail station at the crossroads of 2 arterial roadways, and is owned by taxpayers. The property is slated for redevelopment with new housing, retail/office, and a permanent home for the Midtown Farmers Market, which has borrowed space from the school district for eight seasons.

Q: What influence do residents have? Don’t these things get decided by politicians and the powerful?
A: The neighborhood’s role is advisory, but by working together, Corcoran residents have made their voice heard in planning and zoning issues. There is no better example than the Midtown Farmers Market, which was conceived 10 years ago as part of a neighborhood plan for the eventual redevelopment of this property. The Market could have been forgotten in redevelopment plans, but residents have worked hard to ensure that resident-identified priorities-strong pedestrian and bicycle connections, a diverse mix of housing, sustainable design, and public space that the Market can use-are not left out of redevelopment plans for 2225 East Lake.

Q: Who makes the final decision?
A: The Minneapolis school board will make the final decision after considering recommendations from the City and the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization.

Q: The farmers market has used this land for 8 years-does that mean the neighborhood is part owner?
A: No. The Minneapolis school district is sole owner of all 6.48 acres. The district has generously allowed the Market to use the land each season at no cost through a tenant-landlord agreement.

Q: Have the neighborhood or the city endorsed the developer’s proposal?
A: No. Corcoran’s Land Use & Transportation / Housing committees plan to weigh-in on the proposal by the end of the Nov. 23 meeting.

Q: What if I’m not on the committee? Does anyone care what I think?
A: CNO committees strive to represent the whole neighborhood, understanding that not everyone is able to come out to monthly committee meetings. Committees are very interested in what everyone has to say, and recognizes that Minneapolis residents, farmers market vendors and patrons, and others have a big stake in the outcome. Any resident who attends 2 Land Use & Transp. / Housing meetings becomes a voting member of the committee.

MEETING: Tuesday, Nov. 23, 6:00 p.m. at YWCA Midtown, 2121 E. Lake
please bring a photo I.D. to enter the facility

If you make only one neighborhood meeting this year, make it this one! Bring a neighbor!