Corcoran housing funds available


Revolving Loan: For exterior, energy, and safety/security improvements. No income limits. Amount: $2,000 and $10,000; 4% interest.

Homebuyer Purchase Rehabilitation: To promote purchase or improvements to currently or recently foreclosed homes that will become owner-occupied. No income limits. Down payment or closing costs: $2,500 max; eligible home improvements: $10,000 max; 0% interest; deferred until sale of the property or refinance.

Emergency Deferred Loan: For very limited cases where conditions make a home uninhabitable, extremely dangerous to the occupants, or capable of causing severe health problems. Income limits apply.

Find complete Program Guidelines and application process at, click on “Housing Resources.” Or call CNO at 612-724-7457.

Additional home fix-up funds are offered by Center for Energy and Environment, a non-profit. Call 612-335-5858

…Still more home fix-up funds are offered by Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation, a non-profit, through its Housing Resource Center at 3749 Cedar Ave S. Call 612-722-7141

Free Home Security Check

Reduce the opportunity for your home to be vulnerable to forced entry by scheduling a FREE Home Security Check offered by the Minneapolis Police Department SAFE Unit. For more information contact Karen Notsch (612-673-2856; or for assistance in Spanish contact: John Reed (612/673-5579;

Inspecciones de Casa de Seguridad Gratis

Reduce la posibilidad de que su casa sea vulnerable a la entrada forzada mediante la programación de una inspección de seguridad que ofrece la Unidad SAFE del Departamento de Policía de Minneapolis. Para más información contacte Karen Notsch (612-673-2856; o para asistencia en español: John Reed (612/673-5579; john.reed @