Cops at the convention


The Republican National Convention has brought home how amazing it is that Twin Cities police insist on acting like Neanderthals. You’d think with the country watching, they’d make some attempt at civilized behavior in confronting protestors. But, no, homes with little kids sitting around were broken into and terrorized. One person, in, for crying out loud, a wheelchair was pepper-sprayed. Reporters have been arrested.

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For sure, assholian protestors have smashed department store windows, trashed squad cars and, in general, could stand a damned good ass-whuppin’. Idiots aside, though, the cops blew it, reinforcing the stereotype that officer candidates must register as mentally unstable in order to pass screening.

Saddest is that citizens have only cosmetic recourse. Look at the pathetically ineffectual Police Community Relations Council of Minneapolis. With its inception, everybody was supposed to believe the Minneapolis Police Department finally had been called to task for historically atrocious conduct. By federal mandate. Hell, the PCRC over the best part of a decade, hasn’t done a damn thing worth talking about. This under threat that, unless the MPD got its act together, feds would take over.

You have to believe the MPD and those cops in St. Paul at the Republication National Convention know something about how serious the Department of Justice is about cop misconduct the rest of us don’t. Or they wouldn’t keep acting like there’s no need for them to face any consequence for their mindless savagery.