Conversations for Not – UROC/UNP


Attention North Minneapolis residents, buisness owners and organizations – when will enough be enough?

This is an email message sent out by Ms. Shereen Sabet, Executive Administrative Specialist from the Office of the Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration – University of Minnesota Twin Cities for folks to attend these “Vital Community Meetings”.

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(Ya think?) We have to ask, “Who are the members of the Vital Community Group” and what is the mission? Dr. McClaurin has made it clear that the University of Minnesota is not a “social service agency” and groups seeking grant monies or technical assistance are being referred somewhere else. Also if you have a business in North Minneapolis that provides a unique service that dovetails with UROC or the UNP you are asked to do things for free with no site of compensation. As a business person, I can do BAD by myself!

This “smoke screen” to slow down the process of economic stimuli into north Minneapolis in the form of meetings is RESEARCH! Not that it’s a bad thing. but people on the north side know what has to be done – for that matter, so does the University of Minnesota.

The community is educated and informed. We can no longer let UROC or the University Northside Partnership stall and must be proactive in our approach for them to “put up, or shut up”!

This is the email message below:

I plan to send out confirmation for this group’s Feb. and March meetings today….I have contacted some of you to obtain your availability. If you have not sent me your preference yet, please try to let me know by 2:00pm today so that I can send out the confirmation email. So far it’s looking like Feb. 27, 8:00-9:30am and March 5, 3:00-4:30pm are the best options but that could change.

You can omit Feb. 14th since that is tomorrow – Happy Valentines!

Shereen Sabet

Dear Members of the Vital Communities Working Group:

I would like to schedule the next FIPSE/UNP meetings for both February and March. I have suggested some dates below that may be possibilities (including those who use UMCal). Please take a look at all of the dates and let me know your availability for those times.

Possible February Meeting Dates:
2/14, 3:30-5pm – omit this option
2/25, 8:30 – 10am
2/25, 2:30-4pm
2/26, 3-4:30pm
2/27, 8-9:30am

Possible March Meeting Dates:
3/3, 2:30-4pm
3/5, 3-4:30pm
3/10, 3:30-5pm
3/13, 11am-12:30pm

You can email your thoughts about these meetings to Shereen S. Sabet , Executive Administrative Specialist to

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