Convention/Campaign Updates


Convention and political news just keeps on coming … more than we can fit on the front page. So here are some highlights, and links to articles on:

Palin for Veep?

Score one for True Blue’s Jumbotron

“Free people in a free country are free to use their cameras”

DNC speeches from YouTube

Palin for Veep? No sooner had John McCain announced his choice of running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Paiin, than news reports began raising question after question about the controversial conservative. The reports went beyond the obvious policy issues—she’s anti-choice, pro-creationism, would ban health benefits for same-sex partners, and wants to drill in ANWR. She is suing to end endangered species status for polar bears. Conservative blog Powerline said, “Her experience just doesn’t justify a place on the ticket.” On the other side of the political spectrum, Talking Points Memo described a developing scandal involving Pailin: “In short, she’s accused of using her pull as governor to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. The brother-in-law is embroiled in an ugly divorce and custody with Palin’s sister. And after his boss wouldn’t fire the brother-in-law, she fired the boss.”

Score one for True Blue’s Jumbotron True Blue Minnesota reports a slap on the wrist for Carol Molnau and a win for free speech on Friday afternoon. Judge Kathleen Gearin temporarily enjoined the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB) from enforcing their order denying True Blue Minnesota permission to broadcast video of Guantanamo detainees, scenes from the Iraq war, and movies like “Body of War” on huge Jumbotron trucks from the capitol front lawn. Judge Gearin’s final ruling won’t come until Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. For background on the story, see the Minnesota Independent’s Republican Molnau ‘kneecaps’ free speech in vote against display of anti-war billboards.

Free people in a free country are free to use their cameras Meanwhile, the Society of Professional Journalists responded to a spate of reports of police harassment of journalists with a warning that, “Attempts to intimidate journalists, whether professional or volunteer, never work.”

DNC SpeechesIf you missed any speeches at the Democratic National Convention, you can see and hear them here. From the DNC YouTube channel –Senator Barack Obama, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.