COMMUNITY VOICES | Urban chicken keeping


About a year ago, my family decided to add chickens to our bustling Como Park home. A friend of mine who keeps chickens told me how much her family enjoyed caring for the chickens and harvesting fresh eggs.

Urban chicken keeping is great, but it’s also a new trend and best practices are still being worked out in municipalities across the country. The permitting process in Saint Paul currently includes obtaining neighborhood support and having the coop approved by the city’s Department of Safety and Inspections. My permitting experience provided me an opportunity to review our permitting process first hand and make suggestions for how to streamline and simplify it. The result: a revised web page and this informative video featuring my feathered friends – Madam Hootch, Miss Muffin, Parmesan and Cosmo.

Tending chickens in an urban setting has its challenges and rewards. It is a decision that should not be entered in to lightly and I feel that ultimately, the city process helped our family think through potential pitfalls and encouraged us to seek support from our neighbors. For more information visit and search “chickens.”