COMMUNITY VOICES | Song for the May 10 fishing opener


I love fishing and I write fishing songs for a hobby , I did one for the opener when it was on Lake Kabetogam, and I decided to do one this year for the Brainerd opener. The long winter played a part in writing this song, couldn’t wait for spring and I try to add some excitement to the fishing opener.

I have recorded several fishing songs , you can check them out on my web, there some neat fishing videos attached.

I am 63 years old, I have never been in a band I just hire one for recording, I sing each year at a fishing event for kids in Buffalo, otherwise I just sing in church once and a while.

I have written and recorded two fishing songs with six second graders form our local school here in Annandale, both of these songs are on my web.

This is just a fun thing I like to do, and it’s about leaving something behind.