COMMUNITY VOICES | Pink Scorpion comes to Seward


From Ramona Bolton, life long Seward Resident, long-time business owner of River Road Hair Designs.

 The salon at 3330 E. 25th Street has a long and rich history in the Seward neighborhood. I worked at 3330 when it was named “Patsy’s Magic Mirror,” then owned by Patsy Peterson, who grew up in Seward.
 In 1994 I purchased and renamed it River Road Hair Designs. I had 6 foster children living with me and could only work part time. With the support of everyone in Seward my “part-time” business rapidly grew into a thriving salon.

Seven years ago a client called and said: “My Maggie has a hair license and is looking for a place to work.” Maggie blew into our lives and has continued to spread her special brand of sunshine. We have all watched her raise her son, get married and have another beautiful little boy.

I was offered the opportunity to take over the salon located in Becketwood at 4300 West River Parkway. This has all been fast and a bit unexpected but as most of you know that seems to be the way Maggie and I roll. I leave the salon in the very capable hands of our very own Maggie.

It is with great love and pride that I pass on the Salon to another lifetime Seward resident and dear beloved friend.

Maggie will be the owner of

Pink Scorpion Salon
(Previously River Road Hair Designers)


Please join me in welcoming her to her new Salon. I know she will receive the same love and support you all have shown me over the years.

And a new generation begins of a Seward lifetime resident owning her own business in Seward.


To all my Friends Neighbors and Clients,
            For over twenty years you all have supported me in my little shop in the heart of Seward. Together we have walked through births, marriages, illnesses and passings. You have all laughed with me at my life’s sometimes ridiculous happenings and held me up in sad times.

I have been offered the opportunity to take over the salon located within Becketwood Condominiums. I feel that this is a great fit for me. I will be leaving 3330 east 25th street as of Oct. 25th 2013.
            I know that usually the “Hairdresser” is the one who listens to the client but here at River Road it has always been more of a mutual friendship. I love you all and am so thankful that I have had these years to know you and share your life and times with you.

            I will miss the drop in conversations at the salon on a sunny day
Most of all I will miss my little Maggie working by my side.
            And on some days you may find me having a cup of coffee and visiting in the lounge chair.

            Thank You Again to All
            Love Ramona

Welcome to the Pink Scorpion Salon in the heart of the Seward neighborhood.

Servicing ALL of your hair needs!

            I am Maggie, I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, in the Seward neighborhood. I went to Aveda Institute and have been doing hair for about ten years now, if you don’t count the “haircuts” my dolls and unsuspecting adults in my childhood would get.

I have known Ramona over the past 20 years. For the last 7 of those, I have had the distinct honor and privilege of working at her Salon. These years have been simply amazing. Not only has she been my teacher, mentor, boss, mother, comfort, pillar, rock, she has been my very dear friend.

            As of November 1, 2013, I will be taking over River Road Hair Designers. This has been quite bittersweet. Like many good things, the timing was bad. The sweet part is we’ll both still be doing hair. I will the new owner of the Salon in its original space but with a kick-ass new name: Pink Scorpion Salon!! We will be venturing off on our own and we want you all to come along for the ride!

            I have two very sweet little boys (7 and 1) who take up much of my time and I find being a mother to be where my heart is. However, hair has really been my passion all along, so I will be working to balance the two.

            My Salon will be a place where EVERYONE feels not only welcome but also COMFORTABLE. No frills no fancy pants, just a really great hairstyle. Whether it is a color, a cut, or a formal style for a wedding, you will be very happy with your service and my reasonable prices.

            My hours are limited (Wednesday through Saturday) so appointments are always a good idea. Thank you all so much for you continued love and support through all of this.
            Magdalena Hobbs