Community, Banannanuity


To most, anything on the Internet isn’t a community- only a gathering of nerds.

The Internet and Communities go hand in hand. A fellow classmate mentioned how everything is interconnected. The Internet runs off this very idea. The Internet is a Means! A Way! A Proxy to connect to other people. To learn and expand what we know faster and more efficiently then ever before. The Internet is a virtual representation of the communities physically already around us- Only there’s no need to brave the cold in winter to be a part of them. The Internet is its own community, its own culture. It has its own stars, its own rules and regulations.

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Every Website; Every blog- Every Forum; every log. They are all communities- within communities within communities. We are each a solar system of communities- each one of us is the sun and our communities surround us as planets, other stars. Comets and belts and rings. OH MY GOD! THIS IT A COMMUNITY.

Blogger is a community.

Furcadia is a community.

Hobowars is a community…


The man took a puff from his cigar; fat and rich. He didn’t need the smokes to smell like big business. Perched he was- in a leather chair. Watching he was- all of us. From the highest building, of the richest part of the city. Salt and pepper brow rose; a stained smile formed. He was king of the world.

I’m a fiction writer- remember! I’m best at writing what I want, not what you want! I’m selfish in that respect.

What is this- we spoke of games and glory, where are the ghosts?

Furcadia is a community I’m familiar with- but learn something new every day. Over the week, I strolled around the popular ‘hot spots,’ and listened in on what everyone was talking about.

Furcadia is very old for a community-close to 11 years old- and to still be around shows its resilience. Furcadia has had a rich history, with some players reaching a sort of everlasting stardom within the community. And not in the conventional way- Furcadia has neither a combat system nor a leveling system.

The biggest concerns of locals seem to be market prices- how with current sales in the official market are making it impossible to resell items. And there are always many unsatisfied with the local ‘system’, which ‘regulates’ Furcadia. The Beekins; as they are known, is an almost entirely volunteer run group that help others within the community and deal with abuse issues. Furcadia’s hotspots are numerous: What has been dubbed “The AI Table” is a gathering place for many of the ‘trouble makers.’ The “Wisdom Tree,” a short pine tree on a street corner and “Watering hole”- a pond with a leafy green island in the center are home to some of the members that have played for years. No doubt, I look forward to visiting again, and you should check them out too.


Sort of another reason why I chose an online community: I grew up as an Army brat- my father was in full-time active duty in the U.S. army reserves. As with the army- you move around a lot. We moved at least once every four years- usually in less then that. I never really got to know the local communities- or really become attached to them.

Even now- living in Chisago since the middle of 5th grade, I don’t feel very much a part of the local community. They have their agenda, and I have my own. I’ve been thinking about it lately- and I believe this is sort of my ‘deep down’ reasoning. Don’t worry- I’m not like- traumatized or anything. 🙂

I don’t have much else to say- unless you want me to go into Waja breeding and Role-playing. But I think ill save those for another day.