The Comedy Hypnosis Show


by Wendy Gennaula | 8/4/09 • The Comedy Hypnosis Show featuring certified hypnotherapist Katie Knutson was our fourth show of the day. Tommy and I are split on this one-I think that the majority of the twenty volunteer “stars” were hypnotized to various degrees. Tommy is more skeptical. He also isn’t remembering all of the details. Which makes me wonder if he didn’t slip into a state of deep relaxation too.

I was fascinated by the process. Knutson is very positive and gentle. She reassures her volunteers that they are “stars” and that any laughter is supportive. Everyone on stage seemed to be enjoying themselves. The comedy comes from the unpredictability of the “stars” responses. It reminded me of an improv show. Each performance will be completely different.

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The highlight was a giant “America’s Got Talent” style talent show. She suggested to a few stars that they were celebrity judges. One gentleman thought he was Lindsey Lohan, a woman thought she was Mr. Spock, and another thought she was Elton John. And I was glad to see that one of the guys from “Lick” was able to find his belly button before the next show.

Wendy Gennaula is a singer and actress in the Twin Cities. She is the mother of two extraordinary Fringelings.

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