Theater Latté Da’s “Cabaret” at the Pantages Theatre: Come hear the music play!


From the incredibly talented musicians dressed in drag, to the superb cast and crew, Theater Latté Da’s Cabaretreminded me just how much I love musical theatre. It tells the story of an American writer and his time spent in Berlin in the 1930s, specifically at the Kit Kat Club where he meets the beautiful Sally Bowles, and in the boardinghouse where he is staying. Cabaret is being performed by Theater Latté Da at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis through February 9th.

In my experience attending shows, especially musicals, there’s always at least one weak link in the cast that stands out and prevents me from fully enjoying it. Led by the amazing Tyler Michaels (Emcee), who you may have seen recently at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, the entire cast of Cabaret had a stellar performance last night. It was by far the best-cast show I have ever seen. Under the creative direction of Peter Rothstein, Denise Prosek, Michael Matthew Ferrell, and even a dialect coach, the cast and orchestra truly transformed the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota into the one and only Kit Kat Club in 1930s Berlin.

The show began with Tyler Michaels and several other acrobatic dancers sporadically placed throughout the audience, which definitely captured everyone’s attention right from the get-go. The element of acrobatics was used throughout the show with poles. ladders, and even a trapeze, which I thought even further emphasized the 1930s German cabaret aspect of the show. One of my personal favorite numbers in the show was the opening number, “Willkommen”, which featured the Emcee introducing the Kit Kat Club performers in a hilarious, raunchy, and clever way. Another highlight was “Perfectly Marvelous”, a duet featuring Sally Bowles and Cliff Bradshaw. It was adorable, and one of those moments in the show where you can’t help but smile. But perhaps the most emotionally moving part of the show was at the end when the Emcee began singing a reprise of “Willkommen” on a completely empty stage. It was incredibly powerful and a perfect ending to the show.

In addition to the performance by the cast, the set, lighting design, and costume design was spectacular. A unit set with movable props, a great lighting design, and admirable costumes were really all the production needed to impress me, tech-wise. If there was one piece of criticism I would have to give to this production, it would be that the sound was not all that great, especially in the first act. There were times where mics were turned either way too low or way too high and I couldn’t understand what was being said or sung. If they are able to fix this issue, I’m sure it will make the production all that much better.

I don’t even think I have to mention how amazing the musicians in the orchestra were. Led by music director Denise Prosek, they were spot on during the musical numbers, and were very enjoyable to watch – dressed in drag and everything.

Really, what good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play! All in all, Cabaret, is one of the most impressive shows I’ve seen performed in the Twin Cities. Don’t miss your opportunity to see this spectacular show