Coleman announces funding awards for community crime reduction program


Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Friday announced the recipients of the $20,000 available for private or nonprofit organizations to develop or expand projects that will increase community safety or reduce crime.

Coleman made the announcement at the District Council 6 offices with Chief Harrington and Councilmember Lee Helgen. Five projects were selected for this pilot program that is meant to expand collaboration, build civil society and strengthen our communities.

“Livable cities are safe cities, and as we move forward to make Saint Paul the most livable city in America, public safety will remain job number one,” said Coleman. “This pilot program is a prime example of how we can make a real difference with creative solutions during tough budget times.”

“Community policing is dependant upon police/community collaboration,” said Chief Harrington. “This project will test a new process to build that collaboration in Saint Paul as well as expand collaborative relationships with other city entities. We look forward to working with the citizens and non-profit and governmental organizations to address the safety and crime issues in our communities.”

The projects are structured as a partnership between the applicant and one or more of the following city departments: Police; Public Library; Office of License, Inspection, and Environmental Protection; or Parks and Recreation.

“This is great news for residents on the North End and for all of Saint Paul,” said Councilmember Lee Helgen.

The five organizations receiving funds include: District 6 Planning Council, Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council, East YMCA, Hmong American Partnership and Save Our Sons.