Coleman and Franken: Over the top


The Uptake video of the final candidate debate

As charges and counter-charges fly furiously and the Minnesota senatorial election grows nastier by the hour, the three candidates appeared together at the Fitzgerald Theater for the final debate on Sunday night. Here is the video of the debate, followed by links to recent coverage of the lawsuits filed in Texas and Delaware, which allege Norm Coleman fraudulently received $75,000 from donor Nasser Kazeminy, and to the ensuing war waged through candidate ads.

Coleman and Franken war of the ads

Coleman/Kazeminy: Norm told us this was coming almost a month ago By Steve Perry, Minnesota Independent

Franken denounces Coleman ad as lie By Paul Demko, Minnesota Independent

Video: Coleman ad calls Texas lawsuit “11th-hour attack” by Franken By Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Independent

Coleman calls on foes to ‘stop attacking my family’, Star Tribune, 10/31/08

Dean Barkley, Independence Party candidate

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