Club Native


Part of our “Native Voices” program and the Native American women filmmakers night.

Director: Tracey Deer
Country: Canada (2008)
Language: English
Running Time: 78 minutes
Screening: Thursday, March 27, 7:00 p.m.
Director Tracey Deer will be on hand for Q&A.

In this award-winning documentary, Mohawk writer and director Tracey Deer presents both sides of the controversial “blood-quantum” line as she explores the moving stories of people from the Kahnawake reservation. This documentary investigates the legacy of the one-hundred-year-old policy that has deeply affected the fabric of the community.

Club Native has was recognized as the best Canadian film and received the Kodak-Vision Globe Award at the 2008 First Peoples Festival. It also won the Collin Low Award for best Canadian documentary at the 2008 DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

See a preview of Club Native.