Closing night tonight for “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”


by Matthew A. Everett • August 9, 2008 • Closing night tonight for us, even though the Fringe still has another day to run. “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag” takes its final bow

tonight, Saturday, August 9th at 8:30pm

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If you haven’t already seen us, you’ve got one last chance. If you have, and you liked us, please spread the word among friends and family and fellow artists. I’d like to give these guys one last good crowd before we close up shop. They’re doing great work.

We’ve got a couple more audience reviews to add to the pile – two glowing ones, in fact. Very flattering.

Thanks to all who attended the show so far, and to those who helped make us, currently, one of the top ten most-reviewed shows by audience members on the Fringe website.

Still holding steady at 4-1/2 out of 5 kitties with 36 reviews.

The latest are…

Practically Flawless

Solid, believable acting, intricate scripts, memorable staging. Andreev shines as a frat boy, Haardt holds up his end and Bombard excells, even as the security guard. Hard to find something to critize. The only thing I’ve given 5 kitties the whole festival. – 5 kitties – Timothy Meyer


I left this show wanting much more which is something I almost never experience after a show. Both parts were beautifully put together and the acting by all involved was fantastic. It was nice seeing the beginning of a relationship in the first scene and then an ending (or possible re-beginning) in the second. The dichotomy was refreshing to see instead of watching relationship building; the relationships were already present and very solid. The actors brought you into their worlds and every character was very relatable. There was no sense of liking one more then the other, what each was going through was universal in both scenes. Until Dog Tag I have never enjoyed watching an actor play an animal that spoke. He was very good at showing what a dog must be thinking at any given time. The dog brought so much to that scene adding comedy where it needed to be but also meaning to things that happen in every day life. I especially liked his exit at the end, it was very realistic. It was interesting to see the dog being in charge at some points in the piece. The writing for the dog was very funny especially with the dog giving his ownerâs orders and telling them to “come here boy,” “scratch my stomach boy,” etc. All around I loved this show. The writing and acting is incredible and the only bad thing I can say about the show is that there was simply not enough. I wish both pieces were a full play. A must see! – 5 kitties – Roni Goldstein


Final performance

Tonight, Saturday, August 9th, 8:30pm

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