COMMUNITY VOICES | City Council race in Ward 6


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Abdirashed Elmi.  I have been a Seward Tower West resident for twelve years.  I have worked on the CommonBond Housing Board for five years and was a Seward Neighborhood Group Board Member for two years.  I have been working in grass root leadership and activism for the past seven years.  I have gained great experience while working with political issues.  I am passionate and I care about working to collaborate with community diversity.  I am happy live in the Seward area, it is a great place to live and it is safe.  It is a great place to grow, work, and play. 

Now, what is going on with the Ward 6 City Council Candidate races between the three candidates, Abdi Warsame, Robert Lilligran, and Mohamed Cali?  We know that politics are always challenging, but my point is, what do we know about those candidates and their viewpoints?  In my opinion, this race is about the interests of the people.  Such as, job creation, small businesses, crime and safety, police issues, and environmental concerns.  All of these issues have affected us, who can solve these issues and promote a better future for the common good?  In the last convention, Abdi Warsame won DFL endorsement.    Whether you are decided or undecided, I am suggesting a public discussion with the candidates side-by-side so that the community members can ask more about each candidate’s platform.  I hope you read and enjoyed this article.  If you have any questions or comments, please email me at