Circumcise Me!


Director: David Blumenfeld & Matthew Kalman

“Is it hot in here, or am I the only one dressed for Poland in the 17th Century?” Yisrael Campbell looks more like a rabbi than a comedian, but don’t be fooled by the big black hat, frock coat and Hasidic side-curls. Born Chris Campbell, the son of an ex-nun and a Catholic schoolteacher, he converted to Judaism not once, but three times – Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. His spiritual journey began as a drug-drenched teenager in Philadelphia and ended in Jerusalem among the suicide bombs of the Palestinian intifada. So what’s to laugh about? It’s the way he tells it.

Circumcise Me is a hilarious, searching and moving story of one man’s quest one for spiritual enlightenment against the bewildering backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

USA, 2007, 48 min