Choices on crime and justice


Last week Malcolm Gladwell (the author of the books The Tipping Point and Blink) was in Minneapolis to talk about the future of crime and justice in the Twin Ciites. He was commenting on a report by the Council on Crime and
that looked at the major trends that have influence crime and the
criminal justice system in Minnesota over the past 50 years. The report also
made projections and recommendations about what the next 20+ years could and should look like. Build a prison every two years for the next 20 years,
incarcerate almost all young men of color, have crime continue to rise… or
do we want to choose another path? How possible is for us to change the
direction of these paths?

Malcolm Gladwell talked about these questions in his talk last week at the
Pantages Theater. Thanks to Michael Bischoff for sending the TC Daily Planet this link to a short excerpt from the speech. also has
the full speech.