Chicago hosts Midwest school for women workers


This summer, Chicago will be the host city for the 2006 Midwest School for Women Workers, scheduled for July 16-21.

To get information about the Midwest School, register, choose classes, apply for scholarships and sign up for labor tours, parking, gym passes and the Blues Night go to:

Over a hundred women (and sometimes a few men) from all kinds of different unions will come together for a full week of intensive classes taught by the best women labor educators in the country. Women can pick from basic or advanced classes on bargaining, labor law, dealing with the NLRB, strikes and picketing, labor economics, how to be a labor educator and international labor issues, among others.

But it won’t all be classroom. Participants won’t go home without having seen Chicago, the city where May Day started, the Home of Local One (more Local Ones in Chicago than any other U.S. city), the site of the founding convention of the IWW and the Haymarket Massacre. Also on the agenda will be a look at the new economy and how this Midwest breadbasket manufacturing city went from railroads, cattle and canals, to steel and highways, and now to hotels and money.

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