Chatting with Jesse: At Ron Paul event, Ventura says he’s “the most dangerous man in America”


Jesse Ventura, who is a featured speaker at Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic today, just held an impromptu press conference of sorts with half a dozen people, myself included, who gathered round him in the hallway at Target Center. Here’s the transcript.

Q: Tell me what you think about the people who are fired up about this movement.

JV: Well, it is an underlying movement that has been going on since Perot. How do you think Ross Perot in the early ’90s got the power he got? He was an alternative, and when the media doesn’t distort it, we take advantage it of it. I’m an example. I was polling at 10 percent and we needed to be allowed into the debates. I was polling at 10 percent in the primary and won. Why do you think they won’t let us into the debates? Because I proved they can be beaten. I have never lost to the Democrats or the Republicans. You’ll hear me today: I’m the most dangerous man in America.

Q: Governor, who are you going to vote for in November?

JV: Not for Obama and not for McCain, that’s for sure. I’ve got to look at the ballot and see who’s running.

Q: What’s wrong with McCain?

JV: What’s wrong with McCain? He’s a Republican. How’s that for an answer?

Q: What’s wrong with Obama?

JV: He’s a Democrat. They make decisions based on their parties, not based on the Republic. That great HBO movie we just saw on John Adams, with Paul Giamatti starring. The big message of that movie was what? That the downfall of America would not come from an external sources; it would come from within. And George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams agreed, they said the downfall of this country will be when the political parties control the government.

Q: Do either of those parties represent any people?

JV: Sure they do. Of course they do.

Q: A lot of people argue that Obama is very much a part of the grassroots, people-oriented movement.

JV: Well they’re going to be sorely disappointed. Because when he is all done—I hope I’m wrong—but in my opinion he’ll be just another democrat. You know the only change that will happen? My taxes will go up. That’s the only change I am going to see. Change, change, they will be reaching into my wallet. Fifty percent is not enough.

Q: [inaudible; question about living in Baja much of the year]

JV: I go down there to escape the media, to escape the United States life and to escape everything that I have known. I have a lifestyle down there that is completely different. Down there I wake up every morning with nothing to do and when I go to bed I am half done.