Chatterjea’s community-based choreography pushes the boundaries of dance


Featured in Ms. Magazine’s millennial issue as one of the “choreographers who are still pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman and a dancer,” Ananya Chatterjea is an internationally recognized dance scholar and activist, founder of Ananya Dance Theatre (formerly Women in Motion), and Associate Professor of Dance at the U of M in Minneapolis.

Trained initially in Indian classical and folk dance traditions, and in particular the Odissi style, she has formalized her signature style based on deconstructions of movements from classical dance, yoga, and martial art forms. Bridging traditionalism to modernism in dance in what she calls brown postmodernism, Ananya focuses on creating community-based choreography with women of color, delving into themes from the everyday life of women, while rigorously striving for artistic excellence in her work.

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