Charter school finances


A day after the indictment of Joel Pourier on charges of embezzling millions from the Oh Day Aki charter school, controversy swirls around charter school finances. A Minnesota 2020 report says that:

Seventeen years after the first charter school opened in Minnesota, this examination of fiscal year 2007 charter school financial audits shows that the vast majority of charter schools do not follow basic financial guidelines or, in some cases, state law.

• 83 percent were found to have at least one financial irregularity in their audit – five years earlier, that figure was 73 percent;

• 51 percent of those schools with problems identified on their 2007 financial audits had the same problems identified on their 2008 audits, according to the MDE.

Charter school defenders and the MN Department of Education promptly fired back, reports the PiPress, saying that many of the irregularities are minor, and that, anyway, public schools have problems, too.

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– Mary Turck