A chance for the Middle East


By M. Jay Shahidi, 9/8/08 • The geopolitics of the world is changing rapidly after the Russian invasion of Georgia. This illegal, immoral and tragic act has, nevertheless, forced the White House to move toward a more realistic foreign policy just in the last few days. Iran is a small fish now compared to Russia.

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Unfortunately, though, another Cold War is now looming. The Russian behavior as well as the world rush toward more militarization and weapon making (China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) are reactions to President Bush’s policy of world hegemony and de facto colonization. But, for the time being, we are moving fast toward a temporary détente and relative peace in the Middle East. Perhaps a U.S.-Iran war is now pushed aside.

This new state of being is very fragile, however, unless we elect new leaders with common sense and an ounce of humanity. Unless we respect Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy as supervised by the IAEA. Unless we allow the creation of a Palestinian state next to Israel and set up a global fund for its reconstruction. And, unless, we stop supporting dictators and “truly” help the nations of this region move toward participatory democracy. We must prevent wasting enormous resources on a new cold war. We must talk to our adversaries instead of threatening them.