Chai Vang moved to Iowa prison


According to officials at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Chai Vang was moved to an Iowa prison because of security concerns.

Having been imprisoned at the Dodge Correctional Institute in central Wisconsin, Vang was moved to the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Citing safety concerns for corrections staff, inmates and Vang himself, Dan Westfield, security chief for the Department of Corrections, compared Vang’s case to that of convicted Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, another high profile Wisconsin inmate who spent time in the Wisconsin prison system.

Dahmer was eventually killed in 1994 by another inmate.

“The reasons we move an inmate, and I’ll use the Dahmer situation, is that there is a lot of media attention and it stirs a lot of emotion,” Westfield told reporters. “Wisconsin is a state with a lot of deer hunters, and we have a lot of inmates who are deer hunters, and there are some racial concerns.”

Though he said he has not heard of any incidents in prison involving Vang, he said he couldn’t reveal how long Vang will need to be in the Iowa prison. “After an amount of time, it’s not fresh in people’s minds.”