Central Corridor Voices


In 2012, artists Diego Vázquez, Jr., Shaquan Foster, Patricia Young, Kimberly Nightingale, and Lisa Steinmann created two related Irrigate-funded projects: “Lowertown Voices” and “University Avenue Voices.” The two projects produced 14 large-scale posters and one 200-square-foot banner that were installed at various points along the light rail corridor, from August through December, 2012. The posters and banners feature excerpts from stories originally published in The Saint Paul Almanac. The stories were chosen to be site-related, to tell the stories from neighborhoods along the light rail corridor in the voices of local citizens. The artists all met while working as community editors for the 2013 edition of the St. Paul Almanac.

This Daily Planet series pairs stories, as originally published in the St. Paul Almanac, with photographs of the storytellers holding their posters.