The Central Corridor Roadside Attraction [Bike] Tour October 15 and 16


You’re invited to the Central Corridor Roadside Attraction [Bike] Tour on Saturday October 15th & Sunday October 16th.

RSVP at to join the tour & get the meet up locations

The Central Corridor Roadside Attraction [Bike] Tour is a public bike ride led by Rebar that will traverse the corridor over a weekend in four legs, stopping to visit places that encapsulate the challenges, promise and particularities of this diverse urban landscape. Think of it as a mobile symposium, a place-based conversation with members of the interested public and the practitioners of art, design and activism that are shaping the Corridor. An outstanding group of invited artists, activists, and designers will host a conversation at each stop, offering their vision for the future of the Corridor there and engaging in a dialogue with the other riders. If you’re interested in public art in the Central Corridor, this is a chance to become part of the conversation!

The Roadside Attraction Tour is part of the artist-led public outreach process of the Central Corridor Public Art Plan, being created right now by the consultant team of Cliff Garten, Todd Bressi, Via Partnership and Rebar, under the guidance of Public Art Saint Paul. Because this is a very different kind of plan, we are looking for very different ways of reaching out and involving the public so that we can learn about the Corridor and make good recommendations for the future.

Whether you’re 8 years old or 80, we want you to join us. You can join up for one or all legs of the ride. Please RSVP so we can be in touch by email with meeting points for each leg of the tour. We have limited availability for van transportation as well for those who cannot ride bikes.

How do I participate?

Follow these easy steps:
    1) RSVP at
    2) Check your email for the meeting point for your ride(s)
    3) Join us on the 15th or 16th (or both!) to ride the Corridor
    4) Share the event. Like it on Facebook or forward this email to a friend.

Details of the Tour

The Tour itself runs over two days, with a morning (10am-12pm) and afternoon (1pm-3pm) leg each day. A lunch stop will be available in the middle of each day. Over the course of the four legs of the tour, we will traverse the entire 11 miles of the Corridor, from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. The Tour won’t follow the light rail line, but zig zag through neighborhoods on bike-friendly streets and alleyways in order to visit interesting sites that might be overlooked if we just focused on the transportation infrastructure.

In keeping with the roadside attraction theme of the ride, the host interprets the place and discusses the possible fantastic future that could–or already is–taking shape there. Whether it’s a grand plan for new public space, a community farm, or a new energy delivery system, or a new way for art to express the many dynamics of life in the city, the future is always superlative. And why not? It’s through dreaming that we create the future. This is a speculative venture, and we’re interested in learning what people hope to see or want to caution to avoid.

About the Central Corridor Public Art Master Plan

This planning effort is very different from the usual. It’s not just about public meetings. We are trying out new ways of gathering information, having conversations, and uncovering good ideas. The best ideas often come out when thoughtful people are enjoying themselves in a novel setting. And we think discussing the future of the Corridor by having a big bike ride across the Twin Cities will be pretty fun. Members of the Art Plan team will be on hand to document the discussion and incorporate what we learn into the plan.

The Central Corridor Public Art Master Plan is being overseen by a consortium led by Public Art Saint Paul and including the City of Minneapolis, the City of St. Paul, the St. Paul Riverfront Corporation, and the Capitol Region and the Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed Districts.