Central Corridor challenge


The Preserve and Benefit Historic Rondo Committee filed a civil rights complaint with the Federal Transit Administration yesterday. Spokesperson Veronica Burt said the Central Corridor will have an impact comparable to the destruction of the old Rondo community by the construction of I-94 in the 1960s. She told MPR:

“This renewal can essentially renew us right out of our own neighborhood,” said Burt. “Anybody who can stand firm and hold on through the construction — then there’s the wave of the rise in property values on the corridor itself, and in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

According to MPR, Met Council Chair Peter Bell said the project would revive the neighborhoods and expressed concern that the claim would delay the project, and said that project planners have already heeded community wishes, by adding pedestrian crossings and agreeing to develop the infrastructure for three future train stations along the line.

According to a press release from PBHRC, their concerns were dismissed by Bell in a meeting:

According to Chairman Bell, concerns raised would only be discussed if PBHRC first agreed that the LRT could proceed “on time and on budget.” Chairman Bell also remarked that linking the disruption caused by I-94 was akin to former girlfriends who would blame him for the mistakes of their previous boyfriends.

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