Center for Responsive Politics: Mayo employees top Walz contributors


Who is paying for that new Walz ad? The Rochester Post Bulletin reported:

A closer look at campaign contributions in the 1st Congressional District race shows DFL Congressman Tim Walz is getting big money from Mayo Clinic employees, unions and agribusiness companies, while Republican Randy Demmer is winning the backing of some well-known Minnesota companies.

Topping Walz’s fundraising list are nearly $32,000 in donations from Mayo Clinic employees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Among the donors is the clinic’s Health Policy Center executive director, Jeffrey Korsmo. He donated a total of $750 to Walz’s campaign as of July 21.

The fact that Walz has the backing of many Mayo employees is significant, according to Carleton College Political Science Professor Steven Schier.

“Clearly through all the battles over health care reform, Tim Walz has not alienated the management of the Mayo Clinic, and I think he understood that was an imperative, and the contributions indicate that he succeeded in that mission, at least. It also means that is a well of local money that he has been able to effectively tap,” he said.

Demmer received money from other sources:

Demmer, by comparison, has raised roughly $4,000 from Mayo Clinic employees. When it comes to financial support, the Hayfield Republican is garnering the support of some well-known businesses, including energy company Fagen Inc. of Granite Falls and Best Buy.

Also backing Demmer is Pawn America owner Bradley Rixmann. He and his wife have donated $9,600 to the campaign.

Republican frequently suggest that Walz voted against the interest of Mayo Clinic by supporting health care reform, but the numbers suggest that individual Mayo employees as a group don’t share the GOp’s view. 

But Demmer appears to have the pawn industry in his pocket. That’s something.