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Letter to the Editor:

As the GOP’s MN House District (HD) 66A Chairman I would like to Censure Candidate Chris Conner for his actions prior to the DFL Primary in Senate District (SD) 67 on August 10, 2010.

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Chris Conner violated the principles he committed to when the GOP’s MN HD 66A Basic Political Organizing Unit (BPOU) endorsed him in late May 2010 to run against the incumbent Rep John Lesch.  Conner proceeded to endorse Foung Hawj a DFLer over Krysia Weidell the GOP endorsed candidate for the open Senate Seat for SD 67.  Chris Conner also endorsed the DFL endorsed Matt Bostrom for Sheriff.

Being that the race for Ramsey County Sheriff is a non-partisan race I do not have a problem with that endorsement.  I do have problems with my candidate crossing over voting district lines and supporting a candidate that does not embrace the GOP platform that was so painstakingly discussed and voted upon at the February Caucus and the subsequent State Convention.

As part of this public censure, Conner has been advised that he could be stripped of the GOP endorsement if he continues to support DFL or IP candidates against our GOP endorsed candidates.

I take no pleasure in doing this because I think Chris Conner had a better than even chance of defeating Rep John Lesch who is neglecting HD66A.  I think it is disrespectful of Lesch to moonlight as a Guardsman and a State Representative.  He should commit his full attention to one or the other because his constituents need a representative and the National Guard Soldiers need a leader they can depend on at all times.

Conner should consider himself on probation until the election in November.


Tom Polachek

MN HD 66A GOP Chairman

(US Regular Army Veteran 1987-89–my Army contract lasted 8 yrs so I was on IRR for 6 yrs before my contract expired)