Are we ready for a Zero Waste Carnival?

Carnivals are fun but messy and very wasteful. Windom Carnival, known to be one of the largest carnivals in Minneapolis, plans to stop this by reducing its ecological footprint.Windom Park Carnival • Friday, June 1 • 5-8 p.m. • corner of Johnson and Lowrey in Northeast MinneapolisOrganizations that will be assisting with the effort include Eastside Food Co-op who will provide receptacles for the waste,, an initiative of the City of Minneapolis to promote the use of tap water versus bottled water, and the Minnesota Energy Renewable Society, which will provide solar panels to power a showmobile.Last year, the carnival generated between 20-25 large bags of garbage, much of which included pop cans, water bottles and food waste.“It’s our hope that of those 20 bags, most are recyclables and compostables. So, it will be a sound, useful piece of measurement of our success, Michelle Woster, carnival committee member and volunteer, said.“I’d say if this year we wind up with less than 15 bags of garbage, that would be a good thing. I also think just getting people talking about this topic, and educating them as we answer questions like where’s the bottled water? What happened to all the trash cans? Continue Reading

What’s up on Central?

When you see a bunch of American flags lining Central Avenue next month, you can thank the East Minneapolis Exchange Club, and another entity that isn’t nearly as well known, but its works are amon

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