Half Native, half Asian, all service to the people: A profile of Daniel Yang

Daniel Yang is part of a new cohort of young leaders in the Native American community in South Minneapolis, a half-Native, half-Asian grassroots activist with a passion for public service and a special compassion for refugees. The experience of being lost, exiled and afraid is one his family knows well: Yang’s father was a Hmong refugee who, along with his Ojibwe mother, instilled a commitment to social justice and community service in his son.Uptake Editor’s note: This is the first in an UpTake series of profiles on community leaders. By “community leaders,” we mean men and women whose names may not be widely familiar but whose work makes our neighborhoods, our cities, our states more engaged, more connected and more just: Work that makes us aware of the power we have as citizens and as members of a community. Please write and let us know how we’re doing, and be sure to tell us of any community leaders you think we should profile next time. Thank you! Continue Reading

Tutoring at Hope Community in Minneapolis

Every Saturday, about 50 volunteers come to Hope Community center to volunteer in the tutoring program with students from different backgrounds. The children from 6-9 years old are mostly from Somalia or Mexican immigrant families. For two-hour sessions in the morning and afternoon, volunteers sit down with students doing reading and writing together.

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Amen Corner first anniversary photo review

These August 9th and 10th photos are from the First Anniversary of employing the “Amen Corner” phenomenon at Touchstone Plaza at Franklin and Chicago Avenues.The “Amen Corner” name & phenomenon featuring people who had to confront and act on truths they discovered about themselves comes from “Amen Corner” a play by James Baldwin. Continue Reading