THREE ISSUES | Money in politics, starving children, war

Reggie Cruz has recently moved back to Minneapolis from California, to take care of his ailing mother. In his late 20s, he has lived and worked in both Minnesota and, for the past seven years, in California. TCDP: What are the three issues you care about most in the upcoming election?Reggie: The first issue is fundraising money. Politicians say they use their fundraising money, but who knows where the money is actually going? All we can go by is what they say.TCDP: What is your second issue?Reggie: I think the U.S. should mind its own business and start worrying about their own issues. We have starving kids over here. Continue Reading

THREE ISSUES – Marriage Amendment, Saint Paul schools, Voter ID

Kari Richtsmeier lives and works in Saint Paul and is very enthusiastic about politics — she loves to discuss and analyze what is going on in the world. Kari is an open-minded person who carries the German and American identity in her heart, as she has both German and American citizenship. She is an active member of the DFL and used to work on the election campaign but can’t help this year because she is too busy with her work as the Director of the International and Off Campus Programs at the Hamline University and German language teacher.Her first issue is the Marriage Amendment:“I absolutely believe that we should not put something like this in the constitution. The only thing it does is to allow discrimination to be embedded in the constitution. The only thing the amendment does is make discrimination legal. Continue Reading

THREE ISSUES | Thought from a non-voter

Quinn works as a barista at Espresso Royale, a swim instructor at the YWCA, and studies biology and youth studies at the University of Minnesota. She is from Winnipeg Manitoba currently living in downtown Minneapolis. She can’t vote because she’s Canadian, but she still has opinions about what’s important here.Quinn: I could not vote for a president who doesn’t support gay rights openly. I could not support a president who does not champion reproductive rights for women.Fiona: Can you be more specific about what you mean by reproductive rights for women?Quinn: Making abortion illegal, funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, making Plan B illegal, not allowing biology based sex-ed – It’s a whole narrow mind-set. I don’t like that.Fiona: Can you be more specific about your first issue, “gay rights?”Quinn: You should be able to marry whom you choose, that’s common sense. Continue Reading